Meet Our Team

Paula - Cafe Manager

Her name is Paula and she is from Brazil.
She has been in Lake Tekapo for 3 years and a total of 7 in New Zealand.
What she loves about the town is the tranquility.
She is passionate about yoga and meditation and her favourite meal is lasagna.
Come to Jack Rabbit to say hi to her, you will love her positive energy!



Her name is Jessica and she is from Argentina.
She has been in Lake Tekapo for 6 years and what she loves about the town is the breathtaking landscapes and the community.
Dancing is her passion and her favourite meals is apple with peanut butter.
Next time you are around The Godley Hotel come to say hi to her.


His name is Guille and he is from Brazil.
He’s been in Tekapo for one year.
Guille enjoys the tranquillity in this town and the amazing people.
He is passionate about making coffees and skateboarding – he is good at it!
He really loves eating crabs. 
Say hi to him at Jack Rabbit and you will get a smile in return



His name is Jason and he is from England.
He has been in New Zealand for 10 years!
Jason enjoys how quiet, peaceful and stunning the Mackenzie Region is.
He is passionate about food and sports and he can’t say no to a good BBQ.
You will find him hiding in the kitchen and preparing our delicious meals at Jack Rabbit.


Her name is Jaspreet (Jassu) and she is from India.
She has been in Tekapo for 1 year and almost 6 in New Zealand.
Jassu loves and beautiful and peaceful this town is and she can be the whole day listening to music and cooking.
Her favourite dish is chicken tikka masala, yummy!!!
You will find her hiding in the kitchen and cooking our delicious meals.

Come visit Jack Rabbit and say hi to our lovely team.